Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bing Bing

This is Bing Bing! She made another appearance on the blog in 2009:

Tuscan Grape Vines

The rolling hills with fresh plump Tuscan grapes! :)

Makes me want to kick back with a glass of wine!

Above: Lamp on

Below: Lamp off

Above: Lamp on
Below: Lamp off

I am amazed every time I finish a lamp and see the 'on' verses 'off'...

I think it's so cool how different it looks!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Van Gogh for JDRF

I made this mosaic for the JDRF Gala Fundraiser in New Brunswick.
My inspiration was Van Gogh's 12 Sunflowers Painting.
It measures 30" x 40". I used both store bought globs and hand made miniature globs for the seeds. The kiln my husband bought me for my birthday about 5 years ago comes in handy for things like that! :) I also used some round and square mirror tile. It has a lot of shine.

I had to include one with my dog Jersey! He was so sweet just laying around while I worked on it for so many hours.